Today a group of us went to the dump in Tijuana and gave out bottles of water and burritos. After our regular routine of our own bible time, breakfast, and a service, Jordan went out and bought all the necessary supplies to serve 800 people. We had a system going to boil the hot dogs and roll them up in tortillas as efficient as possible. We packed them all into coolers and loaded them into the vans and we were on our way. The caravan staff were telling us a bit about what was to be expected, but I didn’t realize that it would take such an emotional toll on me. When it first came into sight, I just saw a mountain of garbage with what looked like a bunch of ants. I dont really know how else to describe it. Once a truck came with garbage to drop off, the people would run over to see what was salvageable. The first thought that went through my head was “I will never ask for anything again.” The people live there their whole lives ravaging through garbage and make about four dollars a day, while I sit at home eating ice cream and spending money on things I do not need in the least. I have a closet full of clothes and a house filled with so many things, while these people own only what they wear. I really realized that I need to give a whole lot more than I do now. These people have basic needs that are not being met. I want to make a difference and I am praying that that desire wont fade after a few months.Once we got out of the van with the food and water, people started coming up to us. A lot of them spoke english, which surprised me. Some seemed grateful and smiled, while others came up with a straight face and didn’t say a word. I wouldn’t blame them for not being happy living in a place like that and I certainly couldn’t even spend more than a few hours there. But even though these people spend their day in the garbage, they seem content; more happy than some people I know living in a beautiful home. Another thing that surprised me was that a lot of them said God bless to us. A good point was brought up while we were talking after- Us people would think that they are so poor, they wouldn’t know God. But thats not the case for everyone. Even though there is a lot of Godlessness, some still believe and trust that they will live a much better life after they die. It made me think; Us Christian Canadian complain that God is not providing for us because we don’t have every article of clothing that we want or the new boat we think we deserve. These people have nothing yet still they can trust in God a know that he loves them. I think we need to realize that God never promised money for things we want, but he did promise everything we could desire in heaven and his unconditional love here on earth.