Sunday (June 28)

Today we visited the Saddleback Church. The sermon today was The Power to Live Your New Life. The pastor, Buddy Owens, spoke about how when we have the spirit comes into our lives, we have power through Christ. However, we cannot do things by ourselves. Anything that is done for God must be done through God. He showed a demonstration with a glass, water, and some other ingredients. First, he poured the clean water into the glass. This was to represent the spirit and your new life. The second element was vinegar. Vinegar represented self righteousness. The third element, hot sauce, represented anger. Next came mustard which represented selfishness. He explained that like mustard staining everything it touches, selfishness ruins a good act with selfish intentions. Then, he put beer in. The beer represented addiction and wasting time on material objects instead of Christ. Lime came next and this represented envy. He explained the difference between jealousy and envy. Jealousy is when you are very protective of what you have, and envy is where you keep pining after what other people have. After the lime juice, he poured lemon juice in. The lemon juice represented bitterness. The second last ingredient he added was coffee. Coffee represented all the dark stuff that you keep hidden from other people. He told us that when we try to work on ourselves to try and make us better, we try to work on one thing at a time. Maybe we try to work on anger by taking anger management classes. He asked us how we would remove only the hot sauce from his concoction. The answer is, you can’t. The only way to get pure water again is to remove all of it. This is something we can’t do by ourselves. To show us this, he began to pour clean water back into the glass. He talked for a while more about asking for forgiveness and repenting. By the end of the talking, the water was completely clear and he was able to take a drink from the glass. He also explained that if you do this continually, eventually, there will be a constant trickle of the spirit coming from you and other people will take notice. He then talked about reading through our bibles. He asked us how many of us had gotten one of those one year reading programs. A few of us put up our hands, to which he replied, “chicken”. He then asked how many of us had failed to follow that program and nearly everyone’s hands went up. He explained that we should read through as slow and as deeply as we could, not as fast and far. “Read for depth, not for distance.” For me personally, this meant a lot to me since I have tried to follow along with what people say I should and I usually end up falling behind and giving up. This taught me that I should be trying to get as much out of the Word as possible and instead of trying to rush what shouldn’t be rushed.


P.S. If you want to check out the sermon, go to and you can see each sermon almost right away as it’s happening.