Hello there everyone! This is Stacey and Adriel writing to you from the far away country of Mexico. It has been beautiful here, lovely hot weather- but not too hot for building in which is nice and definitely very important! As of today though, we have finished our 9 houses that we were sent down to build. We were in teams of about 11 and since there were 34 of us, we were able to do three a day. Our fun here isn’t over yet though. Tomorrow our group is splitting  in half and going to the dump or an orphanage; Friday we will switch. Both will be quite an experience, and I hope that they move us to lasting change – opening our eyes to what others in the world go through. But as for the stuff that we did today and this last little bit, we’re having a great time and learning a lot. The church services have been very intense, moving us to ask questions and really pushing us to discover for ourselves what it means to be followers of Christ. We get to practice a little bit of selfless giving through building, and getting along with people as we have a full house here with 2 other groups. So I hope I’m giving you a little bit of an idea of what we are doing with our time here, but buenos noches for now!