Refugee Update

Hello Summit Drive! Some of you may have heard already that we’ve been graciously invited to share storage space with the RAFT group in town who has & is sponsoring refugee families as well.  In the interest of efficiency we’ve decided that it makes the most sense to pool our donations with RAFT as they […]


Day 8 – Friday, July 4   Today was a good day for two reasons, one being the day of the orphanage and the other being Independence day (for Americans, but we are Canadians so what do we know). The orphanage was a wonderful experience to have been experienced (if that makes any sense). When we […]

Time Well Spent

Day 8 – Friday, July 4   This last week was a great experience and a real eye opener. I’ve learned a lot about some of the people I’ve travelled with and most importantly I’ve come closer to God. I was glad to help as much as I could, and sometimes working on houses wasn’t […]

Spectrum Part 2 :)

Day 7 – Thursday July 3rd: Today was great day for many reasons. First we had a great worship singing 3 fantastic songs. Following that we had a good message from Brad Buser, the one thing that didn’t make it great was that it made it sound like if you weren’t a missionary you couldn’t […]

Spectrum :)

Day 7 – Thursday July 3 After these past few days my relationship with God has grown a decent amount as I’ve learned that there is more to being a Christian than just believing in Jesus and going to church. The speakers have been challenging us to really look at what the bible says about […]

God’s Work in Action

Day 6 – Wednesday, July 2   I’ve been having an amazing time since we got to Mexico.  I remember last year I was going through such a tough time trying to connect with the other team members, but this time around I feel like we’re all one great big family, and everyone’s having a […]

Canada Day!

Day 5 – July 1   Well, it’s Canada day, but we’re still in Mexico! Some might think we’re missing out, but it sure is such a great opportunity to be down here at Mexico Caravan Ministries, loving and serving people by building homes, and also learning more about missions and being challenged to think […]

Building day!

Day 4 – June 30 Today was our first day of building houses, and my first time ever building a house.  I was put on team two with about seven other people, and we drove about forty-five minutes out of town to a neighbourhood where we were greeted by a mother and her three kids, […]

And so, it begins again

DAY 1 – Friday, June 27 After all of our hard work and the generous donations from many of you, we are finally on our way. 16 of us left Summit Drive Church this morning at 10:30, and thankfully we all managed to arrive safely in LA.   We drove from Kamloops to Seattle, which […]