Jacob’s Week!

This trip has been an amazing experience for me, and I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity.  I truly feel as though I have finally found myself on this trip, and know more about myself now than ever before.  Before coming on this trip I never had a real relationship with God, […]

Jessica talks about a trip to the Tijuana dump.

Today a group of us went to the dump in Tijuana and gave out bottles of water and burritos. After our regular routine of our own bible time, breakfast, and a service, Jordan went out and bought all the necessary supplies to serve 800 people. We had a system going to boil the hot dogs […]

Rayito de Luz y Esperanza

Hola everyone! Aaah, where to start… this past week has been INCREDIBLE so far. I’ve absolutely enjoyed every minute with this awesome blessing of a team! I truly feel God is doing some great work with everyone right now, and I can assure that we will all leave this place with a better understanding of […]

Good Morning!

Hey everyone, it’s Josh! As I’m sure you’ve been reading from everyone else so far, this week has been great in many ways. The weather has been awesome (hot hot hot), we had a great time in L.A., Saddleback church was huge, and the houses we built this week helped a lot of families in […]

Adriel and Stacy talk mexico on a Wednesday night.

Hello there everyone! This is Stacey and Adriel writing to you from the far away country of Mexico. It has been beautiful here, lovely hot weather- but not too hot for building in which is nice and definitely very important! As of today though, we have finished our 9 houses that we were sent down […]

Blog from me

Hola las membrosas de la iglesias! this trip has been quite amazing so far (as always), the plane ride was good and really everything has been good so far.  I believe that everyone has been challenged this week through the speakers and sights, it is always shocking to see all the poverty and hear the […]

Janna’s Perspective

For me, this Mexico trip has been many things. A good example of this would be eyeopening, both to how blessed we really are and how poor some places in the world really are.  In the past few days we have been divided up into our teams and sent to work sites that really don’t […]

Laurel Wale talks Mexico day 2.

The past two days have been interesting, rewarding and the Lord has been very good to this group of Canadians.  Today my team went to our build site overlooking part of the city.  There was a constant wind (not breeze) and we were all very thankful as it kept us cool and comfortable the entire […]

Syd talks Mexico 2013!

Today was our first day building in El Florido, Mexico. Myself and 10 others built a house the size of a shack for a family. The family seemed very grateful, but it was frustrating not being able to communicate very well with them, as we can’t really speak Spanish… at all!! Being here is an […]

Cliff talks about Mexico!

Wow- where to begin? Seen and experienced so much in the last two days and a half days including ending with a grand – well some what confusing entrance by taking a wrong turn just before the Mexican border. It has been really neat to see the younger folks get along so well and the […]