Free People Free People Drive Worship Director, Gerald Harder, delivers a message about freedom for us, and others, as we head into 2021.

Daykin’s Perspective

Today was a great day as we got to build our final house for the family. It was a great experience for all of us as we got to see the face of the family when we finished their house and gave them a quilt and soccer ball. We got to paint our house bright […]

The Dump and Tent City

Today our group was assigned to go to the dump and then visit the corresponding tent city. The dump was a shocking but inspiring place. We were ushered in by security guards and then directed to where we could go. It was another very bumpy ride through large rocks and debris to the top of […]

Jonathan’s Shares His Dump Experience

After going to the dump today we went to a small village nearby to hand out the rest of our hot-dogs, water, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The interns at MCM called the village the “tent city” because the houses are mostly just tents or small shacks. The tent city was very quiet and calm in comparison […]

Vanessa’s take on Day 3 in Mexico!

Day 3 in Mexico was a great day. It began with a speaker talking about what we are going to do with our lives- are we going to live for ourselves or live for God. For many of us it was a very challenging talk. After that it was off to our worksites. The one […]

So many new things!

No idea how to start this, but I’m Sara. Its day 2 in Mexico and we finished our first house today. Not going to lie. I was a little surprised when I entered Mexico. The conditions of the house were worse than I thought. There was garbage all over the ground and had an unusual […]

Day 1 on the build

Hello to everyone back home!  What a day we’ve had here in Tijuana!  I want to start out this blog entry by thanking all of you for your continued prayers for not only the members of our team, but also the staff at MCM, along with the other missions group from Saskatchewan that is here […]

Cameron talks about Gorillas, Papua New Guinea and Manuel!

This morning was a quiet time to pray to the lord and even write in my journal. The breakfast was interesting everyday. Then the worship upstairs was really fun and calm the funny thing we play was something similar to rock paper scissors differently called Man Gun Gorilla it was so hilarious for example a […]

Let’s build!

Hey, it’s Monday morning in Mexico! Housebuilding time starts now, and we will be building 6 houses in the next 3 days. Our schedule in Mexico is to wake up at 6:30 every day. We get a half hour to get ready, then at 7 we go into quiet time, where we read and study […]

Time for Mexico!

Sunday afternoon and we have just crossed the international border into Mexico.  A little excited nervousness as the USA fades from view and we see just exactly what Tijuana, Mexico looks like.  Quite a contrast as we new it would be but an eye opener just the same.  Spanish signs everywhere.  We stopped at the […]