Hola las membrosas de la iglesias! this trip has been quite amazing so far (as always), the plane ride was good and really everything has been good so far.  I believe that everyone has been challenged this week through the speakers and sights, it is always shocking to see all the poverty and hear the speakers who are so blunt, politically incorrect, and so real, it’s a treat. we’ve all been getting into the word, and the changes in the people lives who we impact and even the lives of some of the members of the team are tremendous. Lives are being ruined and wrecked for our glorious and powerful God, I mean this in the best way. The food has of course bean stellar, and yes I mean bean. I love it here, I love the culture, the people and the food, I could stay here forever. This feels like a home, the discomfort is something to cherish, the first night our room was at least 45 degrees and not one person had anything on but their gonch and not a sheet was slept under, several times I woke up in a sweat, I literally was soaking wet and I could have rung out my bedding.  The second night, mi padre came and shared his many years of wisdom with the fans and it was almost cool.  This whole trip is so sureal and I have already had so many life lasting memories.  My two years of painful espanol at shool has finally paid off and I am able to speak, hold a conversation, and completely understand all the mexican friends I’ve made and the children, It’s truly a blessing and I have been able to embrace the culture more than ever.  Today my team built for a local pastor and I really connected with him and his familia. The were so sincere and almost brought tears to my eyes with their classic powerful mexican evangelical prayer where they all pray aloud at once. Again it has been such a blessing to be here being my fourth time with the team, I pray that my eyes and heart will be opened to new sights and the culture, so I can continue to be changed and challenged. Pray for us as we continue.

En el nombre de nuestro senor genial Dios, !Dios bendigas!

love, Landen Mohr