Day 4 – June 30

Today was our first day of building houses, and my first time ever building a house.  I was put on team two with about seven other people, and we drove about forty-five minutes out of town to a neighbourhood where we were greeted by a mother and her three kids, in particular the beaming four year-old.

At first we sawed off excess wood from the two-by-fours, and the four year-old took full advantage of the experience by climbing on top of my piece of wood and riding it like a horse.

He was particularly helpful during the hammering, grabbing the hammer from my hands and trying to get the nails into the wood all by himself.  (He would scold me whenever I tried to assist him.)  Eventually we finished up the walls and had lunch, compliments of  Violetta, whose house we were building.  It was amazing  and everything was homemade, which was even more impressive.

After lunch, I took on the job of face-painting the kids.  By this point the little boy had picked up a friend and they were two peas in a pod.  Of course as soon as I started, half the neighbourhood showed up.  Since neither me or the child whose face I was painting knew the others language very well, if at all, we had to communicate by sign language.  We also played soccer, or “Football” with the kids, which was really fun.  By the end of the workday (six thirty), we were all ready for bed and as we gathered in the house with Violetta and her children, we felt fairly accomplished.  This feeling was reenforced when Violetta was nearly moved to tears as she was given a pile of quilts that the church made (Thanks guys!); It was definitely the icing on a very successful cake.

Thank you so much for all the support back home, God bless, and see you in seven days!