This morning was a quiet time to pray to the lord and even write in my journal. The breakfast was interesting everyday. Then the worship upstairs was really fun and calm the funny thing we play was something similar to rock paper scissors differently called Man Gun Gorilla it was so hilarious for example a gorlla is like the hulk  against army weapons like army jeeps and tanks and suspicious nervous men. It means that the gorillas take down the people, the gun shoots the ferocious gorilla and the men use the gun.

I’ve watched what has happened in Papua New Guinea near the Philippines or Indonesia. There was thousands of pour people had no written language. The missionaries had to write down their language for the first time. After that they had to translate the bible into their language.  After the worship and bible study we went off to build a house. Our location took place on the dessert mountains where it sometimes gets hot and get thunderously rainy. Its my first time the second day that Id change building positions around the house like hammering nails, sawing 2 by 4s, painting walls, hammer tacking the roof  and lifting, pushing and steadying heavy house objects in four directions.

Getting to meet Manuel was really cool to meet using Spanish language saying Me llamo Cammie. The crazy thing that was challenging that it was raining during work time. everyone got wet and heard loud thunderous storms, but then it the rain stopped and went back to work. The food for lunch tasted ok cause I can’t eat any watery broth liquids, but it turn out to be good still. Meeting the little kids was a little playful to me they love to play around and help us out sometime and I believe they stay connected to Lord Jesus Christ to wash their poorness away and I wish that they stay safe out of poverty.

It was an amazing adventure to meet new friends and help as a team the second day and I wish I can explore more exciting activities after building houses too. Just my first time y’all and I pray that the Lord may bless you all with love, hope and courage.


Cammie Dude