Day 5 – July 1


Well, it’s Canada day, but we’re still in Mexico! Some might think we’re missing out, but it sure is such a great opportunity to be down here at Mexico Caravan Ministries, loving and serving people by building homes, and also learning more about missions and being challenged to think more missionally and more globally about what God wants us to do with our lives.

Today myself and seven others had the opportunity to build an addition to a home way up a hillside here in Tijuana. The view from where we built was amazing! We could probably see just about the whole city of Tijuana up there, and it was beautiful, although not nearly as glamorous-looking or well put together as our cities in Canada. Building the house today seemed much easier than it was yesterday, as we had a much better idea of what to do, and it was nice to have the man we were building for come alongside and help us! He was very grateful for our servant hearts and the structure that we were able to build for him.

All of that was great, but the thing that stuck out most for me today was the teaching from the speaker we had share with us this morning. Brooks, who spent nine years of his life getting the gospel to a tribe in Papua New Guinea, shared some stories from his time there, which included learning the tribal language, creating a written form of the language, and then translating the whole new testament into that language! It all must have taken such incredible work ethic and devotion to the Lord! It was great to hear all the things he was able to do, but what really struck me was what he read at the end of his talk. He talked about how desperate so many tribes are to hear what they call the “talk of God,” and how some of them beg for missionaries for many years before receiving them, as so few Christians are willing to go to those difficult places, and then he read two letters from two people from a couple different tribes who were crying out to hear about God. It struck me how much some people want to know Him, but can’t, and then how most people in Canada simply don’t care about God. My prayer is that missionaries will go to share the gospel with those hungry hearts!

God Bless,

Ben Froese