ACTS | Part 17: Playing our Part

ACTS Series Part 17 – Study Guide Download Today we are in the final part of our ACTS series! In this message, we’ll hear about how God draws us into His mission and teaches us to play our part with innovation and consistency, by being attentive to God, working together, being faithful to Jesus, and […]

ACTS | Part 16: Shipwreck & Salvation

ACTS Series Part 16 – Study Guide Download There is peace through the storm – because Jesus is Lord! We invite you to celebrate that truth with us in hearing this message. May the peace of Christ sink deep into your heart and rule in your heart today!

ACTS | Part 15: Called and Carried through Chaos

ACTS Series Part 15 – Study Guide Download In our message today, Pastor Colton encourages us to see how God calls and carries us through challenging trials so we might bear witness to Jesus Christ in the midst of them. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Jesus, our hope and our comforter.

ACTS | Part 14: The Plot Against Paul

ACTS Series Part 14 – Study Guide Download Join us as we hear God’s Word from Acts 21, which encourages us to live with God on mission, confident in His grace for us!

ACTS | Part 13: True Friendship

ACTS Series Part 13 Study Guide Download We all long for and need true friends – and that’s a good thing! Today our worship service focuses on the theme of spiritual friendship. Join us as we hear Pastor Dave preach God’s Word from Acts 20.

Acts – Part 11

Pastor Dave continues this sermon series from the Book of Acts.