Tech-Wise Part 4: Screening Our Hearts

TechWise: Living with God’s Wisdom in a Digital Age Pt. 4 Screening Our Hearts Colton Conrad Plato’s Cave: Our Cave is Our Hearts What is a Heart?  “The Heart is not just the seat of the emotions. It is the seat of the mind, will, and emotions… The heart is the seat of your deepest […]

Tech-Wise Part Three: The (True) Story

I. Who Is Writing Your Story? “…there arises in Western societies a generalized culture of “authenticity”, or expressive individualism, in which people are encouraged to find their own way, discover their own fulfillment, “do their own thing”                         – Charles Taylor, A Secular Age The digital landscape – especially through social media – reinforces and […]

Tech-Wise Part Two: Rehumanizing Our Communication

I. Naming the Challenges a. Digital Communication Greatly Reduces the Embodied Elements of Communication We communicate a great deal (perhaps up to 93%) with our physical bodies – in our tone of voices, gestures and body posture.  b.  Technology Enhances the Platform For Uncivil Discourse “Technology has, in an enhanced way, given mockers a platform […]

Tech-Wise Part One: From Mediated Living to Embodied Life

I. Some Key Challenges: Living in a digital age… Means often being distracted Often leads to increased consumerism Can lead to a loss of boundaries between work and home life Compounds challenges for parenting “We feel helpless to prevent…[out kids] from overexposure, far too early, to the most violent and intimate facts of life….Parents feel […]