Hello to everyone back home!  What a day we’ve had here in Tijuana!  I want to start out this blog entry by thanking all of you for your continued prayers for not only the members of our team, but also the staff at MCM, along with the other missions group from Saskatchewan that is here with us.

Our day started properly at 7:00am with Devotions, we were reading 1 Corinthians 13 as our “assigned reading”. Most Christians have heard this passage before but I have never really dissected it. I encourage everyone back home to do so. I was moved to tears this morning thinking about what our world would be like if we loved everyone, absolutely everyone. Imagine a world in which your affluence and your family’s status wasn’t the centre of importance…can you see it, can you see God’s love just flowing between His son’s and daughters? Please, before reading on to the next paragraph, just take a moment, close your eyes and think of a love filled world.

Okay. We split in to two groups with 2 MCM staff members with each build crew. My crew was working about 20minutes away from “HQ” in a small lot surrounded by other construction, along a heavily rutted dirt road. Jaime (pronounced Hi-may) the gentleman for whose family we would be building met us at “HQ” and led us to our build site. This being my first ever missions trip of any kind, I really was not sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, it hit me hard, we built a 4 walled, single room structure on a 15foot square concrete pad.

I have a certain ease with construction and found at a certain point, to avoid rushing, that I had to step back from the building aspect of the day to interact with Luis, Jaime’s son. I played a good amount of football (soccer to all you Canadians) with Luis, let me tell you he’s quite the talented player and the smile on his face whilst he was playing was contagious. At one point during the time we were playing a young girl of maybe 4 or 5 came up to me, she was holding out a bracelet to me. I was under the impression that she was asking if I wanted to buy it, as I could not understand the word that she was using. Luis ran over to us, listened to what the young girl was saying, rattled off a few words in Spanish, took the bracelet from the girl and mimed tying it on her wrist. I of course obliged in tying the bracelet, I showed her slowly, then untied it again and said “y tu” (and you…), giving her the opportunity to tie it herself again. Now her knot wasn’t perfect, but she did pretty good!!!

What I took away from this simple interaction, I now realise, is of great importance.  I judged the intentions of a 4 year old Mexican girl, before I truly knew what she wanted. I’m ashamed to say it, even more so to admit it in this blog that will be read by my fellow church goers.  My prayer before bed tonight will revolve around love, and a prayer for patience, understanding and an open heart.

I do have more to say, but it’s drawing towards lights out time.  To conclude my not so eloquent Blog entry…Mexico so far has opened my eyes to a world we in Kamloops just don’t get to see. Words of teaching and prayer are fantastic tools, but I have already found that nothing I have experienced in my life so far has opened my heart as much as actually ACTING!  I pray that every member of our congregation who is physically able, from Pastor Harry to the youngest child, would step in to this role of acting upon God’s word.

Thank you again, everyone, for your prayers.

Miles Bason.