DAY 2 – Saturday, June 28


After waking up from our short sleep we packed up and went to the Dream Centre. The Dream Centre is Christian non profit organization that loves and cares for the less fortunate. At the Dream Centre we adopted a block which means that we went to a less fortunate neighbourhood and loved the people and spread the word of Christ! We met amazing people and heard their stories. It was really a honour to hear what they all had gone through and really made me realize how it doesn’t make very many mistakes to be where they are today. We met a guy names Charles who was in the Vietnam war. He told us war stories and how he tried shooting himself in the leg to get out of the war, but before he got the courage to do it a guy came and sliced him in the stomach and he got out. He had a rough go when he came back. People called him a baby killer, his marriage fell apart, he lost his job and eventually he became homeless in LA. He has now been homeless for over 30 years. He is well known in the area and he seemed like a good guy.

After that amazing experience we went to Sunset Boulevard and walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a neat experience to see all of the big names on the ground and all the commotion in the streets. After that we hung out by the pool, ate some good ol’ American food (fast food :D), unwound, and got ready for our big day tomorrow.

God bless you all,


Sam Schoen