Hey everyone!

The trip is going great. It feels great to be back at Caravan Ministries. Seth (my husband) and I were here 2 years ago, and it was life changing for us. Before I get to blabbing I want to say a shout out and Happy Birthday to my amazing mother! Love you!

Yesterday morning we did Adopt A Block with the LA Dream Center. We basically went to less fortunate areas to hand out food, play with kids and knock on doors to pray for people and help with any house chores they need help with. It was great to serve and see how Christ is moving through that program. It’s uncomfortable knocking on doors, but when you feel genuine love for the lost souls in there, and by God’s power it becomes easy very quickly.

We arrived at Caravan, and we have a FULL house. There are 97 of us I believe… so we’re living in some tight quarters. But no biggie, it just means we are able to build more homes for the less fortunate, and more souls to share the love of Christ with! Travels have been safe, and Seth is doing great driving in LA and Mexico. We feel so blessed to be here, thank you to Summit for allowing this to be a possibility. We are praying and hoping to learn new things, be stretched in new ways, and that other people’s lives would be changed forever because of this trip, just like our was two years ago.

We start building tomorrow, and listening to the missionary speakers, can’t wait!!! Thanks to all who read this, and keep us in your prayers.

Sara Mohr