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Changes to Church Gatherings

Flexibility. Adaptability.  Shift.  Pivot.  These are words, and realities, we have had to grow more familiar with over the past 16 months.  Maybe more familiar than we’d like at times! 

Over the past few weeks our staff worked hard to find a way forward that made it possible to connect as a community in ways that were suited to meet people who had varying levels of comfort.  This included doing an outdoor and drive-in option (9:00 am), and indoor option (11:00 am), and continuing a live stream, online option. 

This was a workable plan, though it required more challenges for staff and volunteers with changes to set up between services.  However, the recent smoke, especially when that smoke presents a health risk and the unpredictability of those levels from day to day (even hour to hour), presents a new challenge.

This past Sunday, July 4th, the staff team made the decision to move the 9:00 am service indoors because of the smoke levels.  It was difficult to make that change.  

As our team prayed and considered all the options, we felt it was best to move both the 9:00 and 11:00 am services to the indoor space until July 25th and then assess what the best move will be for next steps.

We will still offer a live steam of the 9:00 am service, which will be accessible following that time.  For those who do not feel ready to meet inside the building yet, we encourage you to connect online, and better yet, to do so in a “home church” gathering if there are people that you are happy to be indoors with. We understand that for a number of people the loss of an outdoor service will be significant. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Dave or call our office. 

We are very excited to be able to worship together with all of you!