Hey everyone, it’s Josh! As I’m sure you’ve been reading from everyone else so far, this week has been great in many ways. The weather has been awesome (hot hot hot), we had a great time in L.A., Saddleback church was huge, and the houses we built this week helped a lot of families in need. I can’t stop thinking that every one of the families we provided shelter for this week has given me more than I’ve given them. My prayer for the families that we helped is that one day they may become richer – not in a monetary sense per se, but that they can find Jesus and become closer to Him. Our housebuilding is now done for the week. We are going to be spending the next two days feeding the hundreds of people and families living in the dump and visiting children at an orphanage. I am looking forward to both of these days, with the hope that my heart will be broken. You will probably hear the stories of what happens at these places, but the stories that come out of these places are sad to say the least.

Pray that God will be with us all as we continue this week. Pray that He will cause our hearts to be broken, our lives to be changed, and our minds to acknowledge that there are people in much tougher situations than the people here in Mexico. Pray that we may answer his call, and that we may respond with Isaiah 6:8b: “Here am I. Send Me”