After going to the dump today we went to a small village nearby to hand out the rest of our hot-dogs, water, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The interns at MCM called the village the “tent city” because the houses are mostly just tents or small shacks. The tent city was very quiet and calm in comparison to the loud and busy dump. We walked around giving away our supplies until we ran out of hot-dogs. Once we were done giving supplies we just played with the children that were around. Later that night, back at MCM, we heard the testimony of one of the interns named Andrew. We also heard the testimony of Carlos. Carlos had been highly involved with the mafia and had gone to prison for 14 years. In prison he dedicated his whole life to God and began evangelizing the other inmates. When Carlos got out he became involved with and organization called Spectrum. Spectrum works to spread the love of Jesus Christ all throughout Tijuana by handing out food, cleaning children’s hair and washing their feet. Spectrum actually goes to the dump to hand out food on a regular basis and they can speak Spanish, so it makes it easier and more effective to try to preach to them. Carlos also met his wife through Spectrum. Spectrum is a lot like Dream center except instead of being in Los Angeles it is in Tijuana.