On Friday morning (June 26th) we gathered at the church at 5:30am and left for Sea-tac airport and 6:00am. After successfully making it across the US border, we continued our drive to Seattle. In Seattle we took a short pit stop for lunch, grabbing some specialty bagels right next to Safeco Field (where the Mariners play). We parked the cars and got to the airport at about 3, and security was a breeze. Our flight for LA left at 4:15 and we landed in LA just before 7. A short trip to our hotel and grabbing some food was followed up with a pretty fantastic and much needed sleep.


Today Saturday (June 27) we left for the Dream Center. Dream Center is a organization that feeds the homeless around L.A from hollywood to Skid Row, our team went the Hollywood area. Everybody had an item to give the the homeless that we saw, either a hotdog, water, to chips. As we walked around Hollywood we got to have little conversations with them on a 1-on-1 level. All the people that we served were all very grateful for the food and to spend the time with them to chat even though is was only for 3 or so minutes. We walked around for about two hours helping the homeless and praying for them if they wanted. When we finished helping the homeless we hardly had anything left which felt like a success for the little area that we went around. Dream Center will always feel like a new experience.


Our night finished off with a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, and a drive to our hotel in Laguna. What a great day of learning!


– Parker