The past two days have been interesting, rewarding and the Lord has been very good to this group of Canadians.  Today my team went to our build site overlooking part of the city.  There was a constant wind (not breeze) and we were all very thankful as it kept us cool and comfortable the entire day.   The home we were working on was for a family with six children.  They ranged in age from about three to thirteen and they watched for most of the day as we worked on their house.  The younger five came and enthusiastically helped out with the nailing.  The children were very polite and each took turns with the hammers they were offered.


For lunch we went to their existing home and were served beans, eggs, rice with salsa tortillas, and juice.  The older daughter and the mother made the food and the younger ones all helped with serving us.  Cliff kicked the soccer ball around with two of the boys when we arrived, so when we got back to the work site, Sydney, Levi and Jacob went with all the kids to play soccer.  The action attracted even more children and there were lots of fun and laughter with lots of piggyback rides, and spinning all the kids one after the other.  Levi and Jacob were basically exhausted by the time the house was done and Sydney bonded with the girls and has an increasing Spanish vocabulary!


The building went smoothly and while the roof was being completed, a few of us went on a prayer walk, praying for the families in the area and discussing with a couple younger members of our team why the Mexican people living conditions are so different from home.


When the building was completed, we prayed with the family, presented our house warming gift of a new quilt and said our goodbyes to a very lovely and thankful family.


Being here in Mexico has made me think about how much of the world lives very differently than we do.  For me this trip is a way to serve others in the name of Christ and I feel very blessed to participate.