Hey, it’s Monday morning in Mexico! Housebuilding time starts now, and we will be building 6 houses in the next 3 days. Our schedule in Mexico is to wake up at 6:30 every day. We get a half hour to get ready, then at 7 we go into quiet time, where we read and study our Bibles. Certainly a great way to start our day, ready and focussed for the work day. Breakfast is an important part of our day that I guarantee people will look forward to more and more as the week goes on. Thats what we do at 7:30. 8am is a time of worship followed by a short talk from either Eddy or one of the interns that Mexico Caravan Ministries is connected to. The goal to be out of here for the work site by just after 9am.

As the week goes on more people will be filling in what happens on the work site, after the job is done, etc. so I will leave that to them to fill in for you. I just ask that you pray for us while we’re down here, that God will bless us on our work sites, keep us relatively safe, and really touch the lives of the families that we build houses for.

Thank you for all your support! – Josh