Day 8 – Friday, July 4


Today was a good day for two reasons, one being the day of the orphanage and the other being Independence day (for Americans, but we are Canadians so what do we know). The orphanage was a wonderful experience to have been experienced (if that makes any sense). When we arrived at the gate, all the children came running up to the fence to see us for either first or second time. Each of us had about 3-4 kids on us all the time either on our shoulders or grabbing us by our hands ( and for one kid up my nose…). I can’t think of anyone or anything that was more hyper and energetic than all of these children, it was non-stop play from the time we got there to the time we left. I spend the most time giving “horse” rides to all the kids, then next having my face become very colourful from all the face paint we brought. One of the hardest things that happening to me while I was there is when we were leaving one of the kids I was with almost the whole time I was there came to me and started to push me back against the wall for me to stay and that was really eye-opening to put it. Overall this trip has been a great time, from the house building to the soccer to the amazing farmer tans everybody has, (that was sarcasm so you should laugh now). Just can’t wait for a nice clean shower soon to come.