9 & 11 Service-Registration Banner

**Due to the current smoke levels, we have moved the 9:00am service to indoors for the month of July. We will continue to assess what the best move will be for next steps**


We have received some great news.  As our Province plans for opening up more meeting opportunities, religious gatherings will be able to function without restrictions beginning on July 1, 2021.  This brings both new opportunities for reengaging but also new challenges of continuing to ensure a wise plan for how we move forward as a community.  We are seeking to follow Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself,” which requires considering the physical health and spiritual vitality of our community.  We recognize that there are varying levels of caution that people still have regarding safety, and trust that each person or family will measure the risk-level they are comfortable with.  Our plan, therefore, is to provide opportunities for worship and encouragement, which will include options for outdoor (drive-in and walk-in), indoor, and online worship services.  We will continue to assess our plan but intend to keep to this mixed option format until early September.

9:00am Outdoor Worship Service:

  • Drive-in or walk-in available with no limit on gathering size.  We will finally be able to sing together again!  
  • Masks will not be required, and we will all need to respect the varying individual’s degree of caution and risk level.
  • Kids church will be indoors.
  • The walk-in option seating will be limited on the lawn (we have 50 chairs) but you are free to bring your own lawn chair or sit on the grass.  If you are able to park at McGowan Park that will help with parking spaces for the drive-in option.

11:00am Indoor Worship Service:

  • Though we will not require pre-registration, we recommend that you sign up online in order to have contract-tracing information should there be a Covid exposure.
  • The outward side sections of the lower level in the sanctuary will be set up with more distancing.  You can indicate the level of space desired when sitting in the balcony section with your fellow worshippers (Note: VBS decorations will create some visual challenges in the balcony for the first two weeks of July).  
  • Although we are under no restrictions, we are encouraging people to wear masks when we are singing for the time being. 
  • For ushers and greeters, masks are not required but if ushers or greeters feel uncomfortable we recommend they wear a mask.  We all will need to respect the varying individual’s degree of caution and risk level.
  • We encourage visiting to happen outside, which is easy at this time of the year with the great weather.
  • Worship teams will maintain 3 meters distance from the seating area and will not be required to wear a mask while leading.
  • Kids church will be available during the service.  

Tune in to 106.1 FM for sound during the service.


Online Service:

  • The 9:00 am service will continue to be streamed live and can be accessed through our webpage, our YouTube channel.  It will be available live at 9:00 am and any time afterwards

Ways to serve: We are looking for people to help with greeting, set-up/take-down, and kids ministry.  Contact the office to find out how you can help: info@summitdrive.com.