Hola everyone! Aaah, where to start… this past week has been INCREDIBLE so far. I’ve absolutely enjoyed every minute with this awesome blessing of a team! I truly feel God is doing some great work with everyone right now, and I can assure that we will all leave this place with a better understanding of ourselves and especially of our Lord. L.A. and taking part of the Dream center was just an amazing introduction to what was to come.This experience at Tijuana with the Caravan Ministries is all so new and challenging for me, although I’m loving it! The staff is awesome, the food (as in the tacos) are delicioso, and although it can be quite hard to work in the scorching hot sun, I’m loving the weather anyways. I wish that we had more than just three days to build houses for the less fortunate, because not only was I just beginning to get the hang of sawing and hammering properly, I adored building relationships with the wonderful families!

Today we had an all new activity, that was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip so far. We visited Rayito de Luz y Esperanza, and hung around with the adorable children! My heart nearly melted when we saw the children’s reactions as we pulled in to the side of the building… they were screaming with joy! There were boys and girls from ages 1 to 16 and only very few spoke any english, but putting aside our language barrier, we built such great friendships with these enthusiastic kids! We fed pizza, watermelon, juice and cookies; we face-painted, played soccer, played music, coloured; and served as comfortable beds for the children. It was such a great time! It was so cute when the younger kids sang a prayer song before they ate! However, it was very tough seeing the environment where the children were staying. About 15 of the younger kids would sleep and be cared for in a very small and crowded building, the 10 older children would sleep in a tiny camper, and the playing area outside didn’t necessarily seem safe. Although, you could easily tell the love and dedication that the volunteers had towards making these children happy, and I felt so blessed to witness that. Even though these kids don’t have every necessity in their lives, like a home of their own, a loving family and a great education as the majority of us do in North America, I saw today that Jesus’ love shines in even the darkest of places.

God bless,

Elissa Viaud

P.S. To my mom: Don’t worry maman, I’m still safe! Je vous aime!!