Hello Summit Drive!

Some of you may have heard already that we’ve been graciously invited to share storage space with the RAFT group in town who has & is sponsoring refugee families as well.  In the interest of efficiency we’ve decided that it makes the most sense to pool our donations with RAFT as they are already sorting, distributing and storing many donations in a very systematic and useful way.

What this means is if you have something you’d like to donate – anything from furniture to cutlery to clothing – you can now simply drop it off at 800 Mission Flats Rd. (2nd driveway on the right) anytime between 9 -12 on Saturday mornings.  (There is a security gate so if someone is not there to open the gate for you, there will be a sign at the gate with instructions on how to gain access.)

If you signed up to ‘help with preparations’, here’s an opportunity!  You can go to the same address stated above between those times and help with the sorting process.  This will be ongoing every Saturday morning except long weekends.

A few notes:

Thank you so much for your willingness to help!

Dorothy Bouwman (on behalf of the Refugee Committee)

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flickr photo shared by Sharnoff’s Global Views under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license