No idea how to start this, but I’m Sara. Its day 2 in Mexico and we finished our first house today. Not going to lie. I was a little surprised when I entered Mexico. The conditions of the house were worse than I thought. There was garbage all over the ground and had an unusual smell. Honestly I was expecting the boarder crossing to be way different. When we got to the missions center we unpacked and settled a bit and than loaded the truck for the long day of building before us. The houses we are building are 12×12 and they’re a decent size. When we first arrived to our building sit we introduced ourselves and than started measuring wood. After we completed that, we started with the walls and the overall structure of the house. It felt like the first few walls went pretty quickly but since we got there late we started late so it was almost 11 when we started. We stopped for lunch around 1 and had like a fish soup with all  these different kinds of veggies in it. I hate fish but I ate it anyways, it was good besides the fish and the zucchini. They also had a pineapple drink and I hate pineapple but it was very refreshing. After lunch we got the face paint out for the little boy but he didn’t like it to much so he went in the house and hid. So we painted Parker as a clown and the little boy saw him and cried. We finished our house pretty late because we ran into a problem with the roof, we forgot to cut some of the boards so it was a little big. Every morning we have a worship and prayer time. They had showed a video about missionary people, lots of people said it was very inspiring. I have no input on it because I kind of fell asleep…In my defense i had to wake up at 6:30 and fell out of bed. At the end of the day I learned that something so little to me means so much to someone else. I didn’t fell proud when i built this house… I felt like selfish for everything I have and they’re living off so little with houses that don’t even have a proper roof. There’s a quote on the wall that says “I’d rather be a candle in darkness than a candle in burning light.” Basically it’s saying why are we making little changes to things in Canada like a hole in the ground when the people here don’t have a home or a roof or a steady paying job. I also learned never to forget to put sunscreen on your neck.