Day 7 – Thursday July 3rd:

Today was great day for many reasons. First we had a great worship singing 3 fantastic songs. Following that we had a good message from Brad Buser, the one thing that didn’t make it great was that it made it sound like if you weren’t a missionary you couldn’t be christian. He also left out some keys parts of the scripture. He got the main message but he didn’t get the small details that are attached. After that we went down to Spectrum to wash kids hair and feet like Jesus did to his disciples and he told us to do and I thought that was neat, give them food and clothes and make their day that much better. It was an eye opening experience seeing how much kids needed these. In the evening we had another meeting where Matt Stromburg talked about there should be no excuses for not being a goer or a sender unless God has called you to do something else. We also had a gentleman from Holt International come by and show us some amazing kids up for sponsoring. Finally we had a great testimony from Daniel about what God has done in his life and what he thinks God’s plans are for him. Overall it has been a great trip and it has really opened my eyes. I came in wanting to be a marine biologist and now I’m thinking about being a missionary or something else in ministry.


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers,


Andrew Daykin