Never Hold Grudges

When you are hurt over and over by someone, at what point do you stop listening to the apologies? Or what if the offense is life-altering and awful? Or what if the offender doesn’t ask for forgiveness? Are we still to forgive? Life is messy with many levels of hurt. But, essentially, Jesus says to […]

Forgiven Much?

This week, as we continue with our theme of forgiveness, we are looking at the Anointing of Jesus at Bethany (Luke 7:34-50) . This is the snapshot of Jesus attending a banquet at the house of a Pharisee in the town of Bethany, when a woman from the town who everyone knows as a ‘sinner’, […]

The Running Father

Forgiveness To overlook or let go of a wrong that has been done to us. To overlook a debt that is owed to us. After reading several dictionary definitions, the above is the definition of forgiveness in my own words. It is in simple words and is a good introduction to forgiveness; but it still […]


Take a moment and close your eyes while you picture the word ‘forgiveness’. Dwell on this word for a moment. What images came to your mind? What feelings did it evoke? Memories? Have you had to forgive someone at some point in your life? Were you successful at it? Have you ever been forgiven at […]