Sunday afternoon and we have just crossed the international border into Mexico.  A little excited nervousness as the USA fades from view and we see just exactly what Tijuana, Mexico looks like.  Quite a contrast as we new it would be but an eye opener just the same.  Spanish signs everywhere.  We stopped at the Costco just inside Mexico and loaded up with food for the week.  Crowded and traffic a little crazy.  Tijuana is like driving a roller coaster, so quite hilly.  Arrived at the MCM (Mexico Caravan Ministries) compound and settled in.  After orientation, we were off to a local cantina or cafe for Tacos and soft drinks (dinner).  It is easy to get ponder about the house building mission here, since that is our focus (few distractions).  We loaded lumber for the first two houses to be built tomorrow.  Some games time and then quiet time to reflect on all the Lord has shown us today and a time to pray thankfully for his providing all that we need while we are here.  I forgot to mention, a spontaneous soccer game was organized out front on the dusty road between our youth and the other group staying here from Regina. Was lots of fun.