Day 3 in Mexico was a great day. It began with a speaker talking about what we are going to do with our lives- are we going to live for ourselves or live for God. For many of us it was a very challenging talk. After that it was off to our worksites. The one I was working on was in a very poor area for a man and his family. We had lots of help with the family and neighbourhood kids helping us build. I had two Mexican kids who I bonded with and who helped me build. Miguel followed me hammering, I would set the nail and he would follow me and hammer it in the rest. Then in the afternoon, Jesus (Hay-sus) helped me paint and pick up fallen nails and garbage. We also played soccer together. The kids are my favourite part on site. I love trying to communicate with the minimal Spanish I know, and laughing with them when we have no idea what the other is saying. I also love seeing the Summit youth kids making special connections with the kids. On day 2 in Mexico Shannon made friends with a young girl named Monica and they tricked me and put a grasshopper in my hand. All day they were giggling and calling out the Spanish word for it at me (pronounced beecho). It was a beautiful to see and be a part of. Last night we were all exceptionally encouraged by Miles. He individually encouraged each of us and had spent all week picking out bible versus for us. It was an awesome time of seeing what everyone’s strengths were. My hope for the rest of the week is that we continue to encourage on another and that our eyes will be open to see what God’s plan is for us.