Missions Impossible



Missions Impossible is a summer youth camp held all around the city of Kamloops with Summit Drive Church as the main hub. We are going to be hosting some EPIC activities including Survivor challenges, Mission Impossible games, nerf wars, dodgeball, Mafia, and much more all week long. Plus we’ll be doing Missions work around Kamloops and in Vancouver to learn about God’s heart for the nations. The cost is $75 which pays for all of your food, gas, and accommodations for the whole week, and registration can be completed online at http://www.123contactform.com/form-2809084/Missions-Impossible-Registration. So join us August 7-11 for a camp of epic proportions like you’ve never seen! You won’t regret it!



What age group is the camp for? The camp is for youth, grades 6-12, including those who have just graduated from grade 12.

Will the whole camp take place at the church? The church will serve as the camp’s main hub, which means we’ll be doing most of our meals, games, and worship times at the church. However, there will also be a lot of moving around throughout the week, as some of our activities will take place at other places in Kamloops (Riverside Park, Kenna Cartwright Park, etc.).

What time will the camp start and end? Camp-goers are expected to arrive every day at around 8:55am. Camp activities will begin at 9:00am and go until 8:00pm each day.

Will the youth be staying overnight at the church? Unfortunately we will not be doing sleepovers at the church, as some of our events will require major amounts of clean-up and set-up that the leaders will need time for in the evenings and mornings before the next camp day.

Will parents need to pick up their youth from the church at 8:00? Parents are expected to pick up their youth from the church after the events have concluded. If a parent is unable to pick up their youth, a leader may be able to drive them home, but we must know in advance.

Why is the cost $75? The $75 pays for all of your meals for the whole week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as well as all snacks, travel costs (gas & accommodations) and other material fees.

What if I/my parents can’t afford the $75 but I would still like to come to the camp? We don’t want the cost of the camp to be the reason you don’t come. If the cost is an issue, or if you are unable to pay the full $75, the youth budget may be able to compensate for some of the cost.

What if I can’t come to the camp in the mornings because of work, sports, etc.? We understand that many people have jobs and other commitments and are unable to make it to our morning and afternoon activities. But we still want you to be a part of our camp!! In the evenings will be when our Mission Impossible events and Vespers worship times will take place, and we would love for you to come to those just to hang out and play games with us. There is no cost for these events. Just show up at 6:00 and have fun!

The registration form says a parent must sign a hard copy of the waiver. Where can I get one? A waiver form can be picked up from Pastor Colton. The form must be signed and returned to him prior to the start of the camp. E-mail Pastor Colton at cconrad@summitdrive.com for more details.

More on the Vancouver Trip…

When will the Vancouver trip be happening? The Vancouver trip will take place August 10th and 11th (Thursday and Friday).

When will we leave for Vancouver? When will we come back? We will  be leaving for Vancouver Thursday morning. We will then be staying overnight at a church and leaving Friday morning or afternoon.

What are we doing in Vancouver? We will be connecting with a ministry that serves many of the poorer and international residents in Vancouver. What exactly we’ll be doing with this ministry is yet to be determined and will be based on what the need is, but it will likely involve serving and connecting with the less fortunate residents in Vancouver. We’ll also be carrying on our Survivor and Mission Impossible challenges in between these ministry opportunities.

Any more questions? E-mail Jacob Harder at jacobharder75@gmail.com or Pastor Colton Conrad @ cconrad@summitdrive.com!