Summit Drive Church is a diverse, community-minded congregation who feel called to glorify God by developing caring, passionate followers of Jesus Christ.  We believe that God is on mission and calling his people to join him on mission within our city and beyond.  Summit Drive Church is located in the beautiful city of Kamloops, British Columbia, where it was planted in 1981 and is associated with the North American Baptist Conference.  Summit Drive Church is a mid-sized congregation with Sunday attendance (prior to Covid) ranging between 450 and 675 (with three services), and approximately 1000 people who call Summit Drive Church their home church.

Principal Function

The Director of JR Youth Ministries is a person passionate for God with a heart to reach youth with the good news of Jesus. Their principal function is to plan and execute JR Youth events, most importantly the regular weekly youth meeting. They are the head ministry leader present at JR Youth meetings and coordinate the various tasks of the leaders as well as take the majority of the up-front teaching opportunities.


This candidate must be a mature and growing follower of Jesus who is dedicated to the youth ministry of Summit Drive Church and to their own spiritual growth. They are open and teachable and must work well in a team setting. They have a firm but patient demeanor and are personable. They regularly exhibit the fruit of the Spirit when dealing with 10–13-year-olds. They are a person of prayer who is decisive and has an upbeat attitude. They also can facilitate discussions with 10–13-year old’s and are adept at managing a youth night in a flexible yet timely manner. They also oversee a team of leaders with grace and clarity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as the coordinator, resource person and ministry leader of the JR Youth Program and events as a delegate of the Pastor of Student Ministries.
  • Oversee administrative duties and implementation for the JR Youth schedule and youth leader responsibilities during JR. Youth events.
  • Regularly teach and communicate the gospel and carefully chosen passages in God’s Word in a succinct but substantive manner during the JR. Youth Programs.
  • Assist the Pastor of Student Ministries in strategic planning, resource development, and topic preparation for the JR Youth Ministries.
  • Serves as a member of the youth ministry advisory committee for regular meetings so that the committee can help with their ministry.
  • Qualify and agree to serve under the Youth Ministry Code of Conduct, and to uphold it among the leaders they oversee.
  • Listen, pray for, and love the youth under their care in word and deed regularly.

Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully consider this role.  To apply, please send a current resume, cover letter and list of work-related references to our Lead Pastor, David Fields: