Our message each week at Summit Drive help us engage with the larger story of God’s redemptive work through Jesus. We pray that these messages would help those who are just begin to explore Christian faith to find the message of God’s grace.

We also trust that they will encourage and equip our community to grow deeper as a caring, passionate follower of Jesus Christ. You will find links to our messages that include our YouTube video as well as the podcast and download options for audio only.

You can also find the notes and Life Group discussion questions to help deepen your engagement with the message.

Exodus: What We Mean When We Say God

June 18, 2023 View Series

Easter 2023: What We Mean When We Say God

April 9, 2023 View Series

First Things: Of First Importance

January 1, 2023 View Series

Ruth: Tragedy, Providence, Loyalty

November 20, 2022 View Series

Thinking Christianly: On Loving God with Our Minds

October 16, 2022 View Series

SHAPED BY THE SPIRIT: The Fruit of Life with God

September 4, 2022 View Series

Living Hope: First Peter for the Church on Mission

May 8, 2022 View Series

Speaking of Jesus: Everyday Practices for Sharing Gospel Hope

February 13, 2022 View Series

Life in the Spirit: Transformed by God

January 2, 2022 View Series

Heaven & Nature Sing! Unwrapping Hope through the Songs of Christmas

December 24, 2021 View Series

Being Human: The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes for Today

November 21, 2021 View Series

Why Church? Rediscovering the Meaning and Mission of God's People

October 3, 2021 View Series

Citizens of the Kingdom: The Beatitudes

September 5, 2021 View Series

Letters From Jesus | Revelation 2 & 3

June 20, 2021 View Series

ACTS: God's Mission, God's People, God's Power

March 21, 2021 View Series

Expecting: Awaiting the God of the Unexpected

December 29, 2019 View Series

Loving God: Worship and What it Means to be Human

February 11, 2018 View Series

Responding to Secular Perspectives On Christian Faith

June 7, 2016 View Series

Making Room: Being With God For the World

January 31, 2016 View Series