We are so glad you are interested in hearing the Word preached.

Our staff at Summit Drive works hard to deliver quality sermons to glorify God, and train us for righteousness. They are Christocentric and interested in how we live as witnesses to Christ in our context – the 21st century and of course, Kamloops, British Columbia. We hope they encourage you to grow as a caring, passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

May God’s Word encourage and challenge you today!

Being Human: The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes for Today

October 24, 2021 View Series

Citizens of the Kingdom: The Beatitudes

September 5, 2021 View Series

ACTS: God's Mission, God's People, God's Power

March 21, 2021 View Series

Expecting: Awaiting the God of the Unexpected

December 29, 2019 View Series

Loving God - Worship and What it Means to be Human

February 11, 2018 View Series

Responding to Secular Perspectives On Christian Faith

June 7, 2016 View Series

Making Room: Being With God For the World

January 31, 2016 View Series